Produced By: Fish Enchantment & Where The River Runs

Hosted by: New Mexico Trout at the Sandia Prep Theater


NMF3 Contest Timeframe:
February 15th 2014-January 31st 2015.

Here's how it works!

1-Go fishing and capture the adventures on film.
2-Go home and create a video with the footage.
3-Submit the video to NMF3 to win big prizes.
4-Top 10 videos submitted will be featured in the NMF3 shows.
5-Attend and enjoy the NMF3 showing near your city in 2015.
6-Vote for the top 3 videos submitted during the shows.
7-Attend the main show and vote to help decide who takes 1st-3rd place!


So it's 2015 fisherfolks, Go fishing and catch it on film! You have until January 31st of 2016 to get your entries submitted. The 2016 New Mexico Fish on Film Fest main show will be in February or March of 2016. (Show date will be announced soon.)

 Those who submit the best videos will win big!

(Prizes are subject to change once we organize 2015 Sponsors)

1st place-

2nd place- 1 2nd place NMF3 medal and ALGUNOS BRAGGING RIGHTS!

3r​d place-1 3rd place NMF3 medal and UN POCO DE BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Thanks to the following people and the organizations they are part of for making the New Mexico Fish on Film Fest Video Contest happen: Gregg Flores of Where The River Runs, Bob Widgren of Custom Flyrod Crafters, Nick Streit or Taos Fly Shop, Toner Mitchell of Trout Unlimited, and Matt Pelletier of Fish Enchantment. We hope that with time NMF3 will become something locals talk about all year and look forward to participating in and attending every year!

About New Mexico Fish on Film Fest

Giving bacK

NMF3 is all about giving back to our fisheries and we are running this Film Fest in hopes of getting people together for a good time watching fishing videos made right here in the Land of Enchantment; all while supporting non-profit fishing clubs and fisheries within New Mexico.


All proceeds from the NMF3 go directly to the Host of each NMF3 showing in appreciation of their dedication to being stewards of our fisheries!


New Mexico Fish on Film Fest Video Contest

The New Mexico Fish on Film Fest NMF3 is a video competition that gives NM anglers the opportunity to show off their fishing and productions skills for the chance your video will be included in the Film Fest! The top 3 videos will be announced the night of the show and BIG PRIZES will be awarded!