‚Äč-The top ten videos selected to be featured in the New Mexico Fish on Film Fest NMF3 Tour will be selected by a panel of judges including Matt Pelletier, Gregg Flores, Bob Widgren, Nick Streit, and Toner Mitchell. *If less than 15 videos are submitted, all entries will be featured in the show.

-Videos will be judged on a point system of 100. There are 3 Categories scored and each are judged on a point system of 20 points max vote per judge. That makes a score of 100 a perfect score per category and 300 a perfect overall score. In the event of a tie among the top ten, the contestant with the highest score in the "Followed Competition Guidelines" category will be deemed the winner.

A) Quality of production flow -100 points
B) Creativity -100 points
C) Following contest guidelines -100 points

-The only additional videos to be featured in during the tour will be productions by the New Mexico Fish on Film Fest Video Contest committee. These videos will not count towards the contest and they will not be listed on the ballots for viewers to vote on.

Who picks THE TOP 3?

-During the Film Fest viewers will be able to vote for the videos they feel are the top 3 using a ballot provided by NMF3 at the beginning of the show.  Voting only possible during NMF3 sshow.

-After the  show the committee will count all public votes and the 3 favorite videos will win 1-3rd in the contest!

For more details about how to win see the NMF3 RULES PAGE.

*Rule changed or added on 01/08/15

New Mexico Fish on Film Fest Video Contest