1)All participants must abide by these simple guidelines as well as NMDGF Fishing Regulations or risk being disqualified from the New Mexico Fish on Film Fest Video Contest.
2)NO HIRING A GUIDE SERVICE for filming NMF3 Submissions. Guides themselves can submit videos of their fishing adventures on public waters in New Mexico.
3)Video must be at least 180 seconds but no more than 480 seconds.
4)Video must have logo "NMF3 Submission" during opening or ending video credits. (Send direct email or use contact form to request NMF3 Submission Logo).
5) Verbal audio is not required but it's suggested you use it within portions of the video to add creative and dramatic flair.
6) Video must be posted on YouTube or Vimeo and shared as a public video. Once posted email the link to submitnmf3@gmail.com in order to have the submission approved. NMF3 has rights to use footage for showing and advertising future NMF3 events.
8) Contestants must provide original file for use in the film tour DVD. Original video files should be burned onto a data disc and mailed to (.MOV, .MPEG4, .WMV, or .AVI files only please): FE Media (NMF3) PO Box 65575, Albuquerque, NM 87193
9) Video must be 1080p FULL HD
10) Video must not have any pornographic, vulgar, or abusive language or scenes of any sort.
11) Only the top ten videos will be featured in the NMF3.
12) Only videos filmed in NM are eligible to win. (Prizes must be claimed in person).
13)Video must be fishing related! NO DEAD FISH and any footage of fish being negligently abused will not be considered for the NMF3.

14)Contestants may enter as many videos as they would like, but can only place and win once.

New Mexico Fish on Film Fest Video Contest Rules & Guidelines